Albums of January 2019

2019 for me is the Year of Habits. As I have much less to waste my time with, I now need presumably valuable things to fill up those gaps. One of those gap-fillers is listening to new music–a new album very day, in fact. I actually had attempted this back in 2017, and was able to make it to around April before finding some music that I was bit too comfortable with, and sunk back into familiar patterns of cycling the same ten or so albums over and over. I would still encounter new music of course, but at a glacial pace, and usually reluctantly.

Throughout January, I have listened to 71 new albums. In order to make it easier to keep track, I built a microsite called Now Playing (source code) to host the album list.

This site is driven by a .csv file sitting on Dropbox, which is populated through an iOS Shortcut that interactively asks me for details about the album I have listened to, and verifies those details against to ensure I have not made any typos ( is also from where I end up pulling the album art).

The emotes at the top of Now Playing filter the list by one of four ratings: Fantastic, Great, Good, and Eh. The rating is also polled for by the iOS Shortcut. Here are the January albums I have rated Great and Fantastic (the latter are bolded):

2019-02-04 · music · thoughts

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